Overpopulation in Pakistan Creating New Challenges


Overpopulation in Pakistan is one of the major issues in the country. 25 percent of people are below the poverty line and only half of the population is literate.

Per capita income is derived by dividing national income on total population and population explosion is derived from low per capita income. In Pakistan, the growth rate is 2.1 percent that is quite high. This much high population leads to unemployment because being a poor country; it becomes highly difficult to adjust the high population in economic activities as the rate of unemployment is 5.6 percent in Pakistan.

Moreover, the country is very small to tackle this much huge population. The population of Pakistan is the fifth-highest in the whole world and as compared to other countries, the space of the country is the smallest one for being the fifth dense population in the world. It shows the country is going through tough conditions as compared to other countries because if other countries are highly populated then they have proper resources to tackle but Pakistan does not have.

The birthrate in the country is quite different from the death rate because the death rate is low while the birth rate is high. The birthrate in Pakistan is one of the highest worldwide, which is 27.7 per 1000, while the death rate is only 7.228 per 1000 and. This increasing birth rate and the low death rate is the main reason behind the increasing population.

The evidence of increasing the population is that the children or young age people are more than adults. 64 percent of the population is under 30 and the rest are adults. 25 percent of the population is living below the poverty line and so the head of the family cannot afford to docile his children. These people living below poverty are usually those who are illiterate and their lack of awareness leads them to born more babies.

Family planning is considered a taboo in the country. People think they babies are God’s blessings and so these babies bring their destiny along. But, these strategies are implied in these countries which are developed and Pakistan is a poor country where more than 30 percent of people do not have food to eat, they have no proper clothes to wear and no proper shelter to live. 70 percent of people do not use any birth control method and therefore such a high growth rate of population.

A large population is shelterless and a large number of people are unemployed due to lack of jobs and in this condition when birth rate increases, then those who arrange food one some way or other, will also get deprive. 60 percent of people are living a life full of food insecurities. If the condition of a growing population will remain the same, people will start moving to agricultural land to get settled from urban areas, and in this way, agricultural production will decrease.

The government has pondered upon the issue of overpopulation and decided to take steps for decreasing the growth rate from 2.1 percent to 1.5 percent by 2025 yet, no steps are taken so far. The supreme court of Pakistan tried to limit the birth to only two children but some religious extremists strongly obstructed.

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