5 Affordable European Retirement Escapes: Surprisingly Affordable Places to Settle

5 Affordable European Retirement Escapes: Surprisingly Affordable Places to Settle

If you are a professional, who has lived his life in metropolitans and never got enough time and money to enjoy a bit of festivity coupled with relaxation, this article is certainly for you. Because today here I am gonna disclose to you a few affordable places to settle for good in Europe on a budget, where you may enjoy a romantic and relaxing life, with a bit of modern lifestyle, living within your limited after-retirement financial resources. To give you an estimate on your expected monthly expense, I have also included an estimated cost of living at these places.

5 Affordable Places to Retire in Europe

Craiova, Romania

Romania is part of Eastern Europe, enriched with history, beautiful landscapes, and a warm hospitality of culture. The rural areas in Romania provide an excellent choice to settle for good and offer the most affordable cost of living. Craiova is a vibrant place in southwestern Romania, that offers lakes, green areas, and heritage. The average cost of living for a family of four in Craiova is approx EUR 2000. The monthly local transportation pass for a single person is EUR 20. Craiova is surely a nice choice for retirees.

Debrecen, Hungary

Hungary attracts a lot of ex-pats who love nature, history, and modern delights. Debrecen being the second largest city in Hungary is affordable for a retiree in comparison to Budapest. A family of four enjoys life in Budapest for approx EUR 3000, in Debrecen EUR 2400, but in a few rural areas in the vicinity of Debrecen as low as 1500 EUR. Debrecen also serves many educational institutes which provides an excellent opportunity for retirees to share their knowledge and skills, and earn a dime in return as well.

Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro best known as the “Venice of Portugal” offers a romantic and scenic atmosphere for retired people, who are looking for a paradise to settle for good. Aveiro has historic architecture, picturesque canals, maritime heritage, and cultural hospitality, which makes it one of the best affordable places to live. The cost of living is slightly higher than the above-mentioned places which is approx EUR 2600 for a family of four. Though the cost of transportation (a monthly pass is approx EUR 37 and a cab EUR 0.94 per km) is slightly on the higher side, restaurants provide very nice cuisine at cheap prices i.e. EUR 30. For smokers, a pack of cigarettes is quite reasonable i.e. EUR 5, which is cheaper than many affordable places in Europe.

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is the cultural hub of Euorpe with wide range of festivals, events and exhibitions round the year, provides a unique place to retire after long years of professionalism and enjoy the festivity in years to come. Plovdiv is among those places, which has a low cost of living in Europe, which is approx EUR 2000 for a family of four. A two-bedroom apartment outside the city center would cost approx EUR 300 per month and if someone is interested to buy one, can easily mortgage at an interest rate of 4.5%.

Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is a mix of Soviet history and modern developments. The city offers rich wartime history, culture, and beautiful landscapes to its residents. As a retiree, a couple may enjoy a diverse variety of wonderful dinners under EUR 50. Minsk affords a nice living cost of EUR 2400 for a family of four per month. The cost of Gasoline is less than EUR 0.9 per liter, which is quite cheap as compared to rest of the Europe, and a cab will cost you less than EUR 0.35 per km. Thereby, Minsk provides an excellent opportunity to live a nice life for most of an average retired couple.


Though one may find many attractive and affordable places in Europe and other continents, in this article, I have covered the places which have a bit of everything, weather, festivity, life, a mix of modern and historic cultures, easy transportation, and health facilities. All the things, which one may need to enjoy and require in his retired life.

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