Monopoly of Doctors and Destruction of the Society

Monopoly of Doctors

Ethical deterioration could be seen in all segments of society. The medical profession has no exception. This is, in fact, adding fuel to fire that substandard food, sprayed fruits, and vegetable environmental pollution and overall attitudes of Pakistanis are the factors which are the causes of spreading the diseases in the motherland. Getting the effect of the above-mentioned factors, one is bound to visit the doctors, but unfortunately there, the monopoly of doctors does more damage than good.

If one suffers from the ordinary disease, then simply a visit to an MBBS doctor can resolve the issue. If the health issue is complicated, then one is compelled to visit the specialist of that particular disease. The tragedy starts here. The first thing, the patient must keep in mind is to have the handful amount of money as there could be a lot of expenses to bear in term of heavy fee, laboratory charges and the patient is to be retained even form some hours, room or bed fee will also be the part of expenditures.

The most important and tragic part of this unfortunate visit is the attitude of specialist doctors who despite charging a heavy fee, make no effort to take the patient into confidence and talk to him openly regarding the complications. Maybe some sympathetic doctors or surgeons will do it but the majority of them are there to just take the patient’s money.

Some humane doctors attend emergency patients without charging a fee in advance but it rarely happens. Even in some cases of accidents, when patients are brought to hospitals, their relatives are asked to deposit the fee first then the patients would be attended.

Religious teachings tell us the monopoly of anything is highly harmful to society. The monopoly of the Power, monopoly of the money and surely the monopoly of the knowledge as well. Religious scholars have divided society just to keep themselves safe and powerful. The same is the case with these “medical monopolists”.

One very important thing to remember is the part of Islamic teachings that tell us that love with money leads to a heap of money and which ultimately leads to arrogance and arrogance is never an attribute of a kind and god-fearing person. Instead, it is the quality of the Devil. What it means, is that when someone is equipped with the most important property of the Devil, one automatically will transition from a kind person to a greedy person who will exploit every opportunity to make more money and get more powerful

This greed and nonstop exploitation are indirectly increasing the death rate in Pakistan because he who has no resources to pay for his bills will remain untreated. Lust for money and the lust for power are the factors that divide society.

We as a whole and especially the powerful doctors should learn these lessons from and all religious teachings like “The best among you are one who beneficial to other human beings”. Could there be any movement by any segment of society to prevent the monopoly of doctors from continuing with their behavior?

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