Mental health issues in workplaces of Pakistan

mental health issues in workplaces

In a workplace, people are employed to do work for employers. The employer’s given tasks are fulfilled and in this fulfillment of demands employees normally get stressed due to workload and start having mental health issues in workplaces.

Mental health issues in workplaces are also common in Pakistan like every other developing country. Every other worker in work areas is suffering from stress and depression and there are no ways out to free them from depression. Due to workload and a competitive environment, an employee has no time to consult a doctor. Neither they can quit their job or have time to search for a new job because of financial constraints and family pressure.

To consult a doctor for a mental health problem is a taboo in Pakistan’s society.

People are suffering from mental problems and are still carrying on their duty. A relaxed and calm work environment can allow an employee to work better with perfection. But these days, workplaces are another name for depression. People who are hired based on their talents and skills become mental patients due to the high workload, competition, and stress.

Most of the people are given more work on less salary and that depresses people. Another factor is the politics and leg-pulling in big corporate companies. These people have to be very alert and keep an eye on the politics going around them. Staying in depression for a long time badly affects their physical health or sometimes they face many severe types of mental disorders.

Most of the stress can be reduced if it is discussed with someone, but here is another problem that people avoid discussing their problems with their co-workers in the fear of losing their job or having any type of negative effect on their reputation. Sexual harassment and verbal abuse are another terrible reasons faced by employees in a company. Their boss or some senior officer tries to harass them by nagging.

According to the research, 80 percent of workers are suffering from poor mental health. The different mental disorders are destroying them and their family. In each workplace, one out of 5 employees is suffering from mental issues. Inequality and discrimination have also a drastic effect on the mental health of the worker. Workers are expected to work on time and in return, workers expect to be treated properly, but when competition and comparisons take place among workers, it causes major disappointment among workers and that causes real stress. The supervisor and team lead embraces one person’s work and ignores the other’s work.

All mental disorders can be treated but, unfortunately, mental health is the most ignored department in the country. People do not go for treatment in the fear of discrimination. Counseling services are the best way to get workers out of depression. An enabling environment must be ensured at the workplace and supervisors must treat subordinates equally and friendly. Mental health issues must be recognized in the workplace and people who are stressing due to the above mentioned factors should be pondered and observed by mental health departments.

What are 5 mental health issues?

Below are the five most common mental health disorders

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Psychotic Disorders
  • Dementia
  • Eating disorders
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