Japan’s Favipiravir, An Effective Coronavirus Vaccine


Japan developed invented the drug to treat new strains of influenza virus that are being observed as an effective treatment for coronavirus infected patients; China’s medical authorities said.

Another report says that 340 patients were given favipiravir (anti-viral drug) of coronavirus and all of them recovered quickly and quick lung improvement was also observed. The drug is highly effective and safe in treatment says the Chinese science and technology minister.

The patients suffering from the pneumonia-like virus were tested negative after the medication for four days given to them, while the other patients who were not given favipiravir drug were tested negative after the median of 11 days. Moreover, the lung condition of coronavirus patients got far better when they were x-rayed. A Drug given patients showed improvement of 91 percent and those who did not take drugs recovered 62 percent.

Doctors of Japan are using the same drug on coronavirus patients in clinical studies. The patients have mild to moderate symptoms with the attention to stop the virus from multiplying in patients.

The clinical trial in Wuhan revealed that favipiravir given patients recovered in 2.5 days on average while it took only 4.6 days to recover with a cough which means they recovered 1.4 days earlier than those who did not take the drug. 8.2 percent of these patients needed special respiratory aids.

Another Japan pharma giant Takeda is working for the treatment that is derived from the blood of people who were the patients of coronavirus. This company is drawing blood from virus-infected survivors by gathering the plasma and finally by isolating the protective antibodies that will keep those patients alive. Blood transfusion to combat a viral outbreak has been used since 1918 when the Spanish Flu pandemic appeared.

For the treatment of the virus, the company is saying to launch the therapy for patients in 12-18 months. 

Germany’s BioNTech has started working on a mRNA vaccine for the coronavirus for the clinical testing in April. The company is using strands of mRNA to prompt the production of protective antibodies. Earlier in March, shanghai Fonus Pharma has signed a deal to market BioNTech’s vaccine in China if it approves and Pfizer agreed to co-develop the vaccine throughout the world.

Canadian firm and Eli Lilly have also partnered to create antibody treatments for the coronavirus infection. AbCellera has identified more than 500 antibodies that protect the person against the virus, they did it by collecting the blood sample from coronavirus survivor. Now, these two companies are aiming to have a treatment ready for human trials from April to onward 3 months.

Japan has successfully invented the coronavirus curing drug, but these other companies are also going to be proved successful in the coming months after their trial ends.

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