Inequalities Existing in Healthcare Centers


The tenet of a just society is to have parity and equality between its people. These are the basic things whose absence has always become the cause of the conflicts and wars among the people and the nations throughout history. Our interactions and treatments of others make us what we are. Good begets good and bad begets bad.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the inequalities in society are very much visible between the rich and the poor lifestyle. The pursuit of the rich is to become even richer and the poor less fortunate are struggling to manage their daily lives. The rich with their elitist attitude intend to live in separate colonies, they educate their children in institutions in which no students of the less wealthy families exist, they dine in the restaurants which are out of the reach of common people, they wear the dresses which are not affordable by the middle class or poor people. Their selfish life is therefore very restless and their whole family structure is disturbed.

This inequality then translates into every field and sector of society. Even healthcare is divided into two types. For the poor and middle-class people, government hospitals, homeopathic doctors, and quacks are the sources of medical treatment. All of them are of no good. The public hospitals lack basic healthcare facilities, lack doctors and are in poor condition. Quacks are just there to loot people and make them sicker. As a result, the spread of diseases in rural areas where poor resides is wild and the death rate is increasing.

On the other hand, the rich have access to even the most expensive healthcare and they get the best service from the best private hospitals in the county because they can afford them. The rooms of certain expensive hospitals look as if these are the rooms of five-star hotels. Private hospitals charge very high for the laboratory tests, consultancy, etc. which these rich people easily and gladly pay. The elite does not even bother to treat themselves in the county and they fly abroad for even basic checkup.

This is just the manifestation of the difference between the rich and the poor and this is the reason that the ruling class of Pakistan gets treated easily in the private expansive hospitals so this class is not much worried about the worsening condition of medical treatment which is being provided to the common people in Pakistan.

The social condition of the country is not satisfactory as far as the quality of general living is concerned. Poor live in dismal conditions in overcrowded areas and rich lives in large mansions. The sanitation of the area where poor lives are very poor. The quality of food is aggravating day by day.

This is just a brief representation of the inequalities the country’s socio-economic system is going through. Unfortunately, it is properly highlighted through the inequalities of the healthcare system because the less fortunate is dying and the powerful elite of the country do not even bother to see how the poor are suffering.

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