Inauguration of New Public Hospitals

Public Hospitals

There was a time when there used to be a dispensary or small health units in the towns and a medium or a large size government hospital in the big cities of Pakistan. But unfortunately, the number of inaugurations of new hospitals is not according to the pace of the ever-increasing population.

The overcrowded cities are mismanaged, people are living in ghettos and kachi abadis in deplorable conditions. The environment of the country remains badly polluted due to the ruthless cutting of trees which led to the ultimate reduction of the plantation. Poverty is widespread and poor living standards lead to many big problems like mental stress and diseases.

The most dangerous thing for any society is the economic disparity between the rich and the poor. Unfortunately, this is what is happening in the country for the last couple of decades. We are witnessing a great financial imbalance among the different segments of society. Some people got very rich, some started facing extreme poverty and the middle class is mitigating.

The rich as they boom, spend more time at home started instead of going for walks or playing on grounds. Their style of living regarding housing and eating is very unhealthy. The rich are consuming junk food like Pizza, Shawarma, Burgers, and Fries day and night. Branches of international food chains are opened in every city.

Both the lavish unhealthy lifestyle of the rich and the impoverished ones living with inadequate resources are causing many diseases in the country. Patients, suffering from cancer, kidney failure, and heart attacks are increasing day by day.

The role of the government of Pakistan to make the lives of people better is least appreciable. They are nowhere to be seen, neither in controlling these diseases nor treating the patients of these diseases in appropriate manners.

They have failed to in place proper public healthcare system for the people by not inaugurating new government hospitals. This is seen as a big money-making opportunity by business tycoons and they have started building private hospitals to treat the ever-increasing patients.

Finding one of the most profitable sectors, the capitalists, both from the medical profession and out of it, are investing heavily in establishing hospitals, laboratories, clinics. Some hospitals have furnished the rooms and wards to provide 5-star hotels type facilities.

Private hospitals are charging hefty amounts from the patient in terms of doctor fees, laboratory test charges, X-Rays room charges, etc., that the poor and middle-class families go penniless when they come back from the hospitals getting treatment. Consequently, making people go bankrupt in the process of getting basic healthcare and there is no one to incentivize and subsidize them.

If the government does not come ahead to make reforms in the government hospitals and start establishing new hospitals in the public sector, the situation will worsen and money owners from the private sector will disfigure the society’s face as the number of fatal diseases will reach to an all-time high along with their bank balance.

Therefore, the state needs to take the situation seriously and make new public hospitals to accommodate the poor and middle class.

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