Importance of Water for Healthy Lifestyle

Water for Healthy Lifestyle

A robust lifestyle demands a hydrated body because fluid intake keeps all the body organs functioning and overall body fresh. So, it is necessary to consume enough water daily for a healthy lifestyle.

A normal body mass constitutes around 60 percent of water. To regulate the body’s temperature and let the body perform in a proper manner; each cell, tissue, muscle, and organ needs to be hydrated. The body loses water with breathing, sweating and digesting. That is why water needs to be regularly consumed to rehydrate by drinking and eating food that contains water. Consume at least 8 glasses of water daily to stay healthy.

The consumption requirement of water depends on the climate and water lost by the body due to a disease or physical activity. Water gives protection to the spinal cord, joints and, tissues and it prevents bladder infections, bladder stones, kidney stones, and other urinary problems.

Only 20 percent of the Pakistanis have access to safe drinkable water and the remaining 80 percent population is forced to use undrinkable unclean water. But there are indirect ways to consume required fluid; through fruits and vegetables. In all seasons in Pakistan, fresh juices and many beverages are present which can fulfill the water requirements. More water plants have been cultivated in water-scarce areas recently so that the local population can stay hydrated.

Water keeps the mouth, face, hands and other parts of the body which are exposed hydrated. The hydrated body generates more saliva which helps in digestion of food and keeps the nose eyes and mouth moist. Drinking water reduces tooth decay but drinking sweetened beverages may damage teeth.

Water also keeps the skin fresh and disallow wrinkles to appear. Every other person in Pakistan is suffering from hypertension and diabetes and for the treatment of which they consult highly expensive doctors but still, no betterment is seen. Blood pressure or diabetic patients are highly recommended to drink more and more water because it treats far better than any medicine and also, dehydration in comorbidity patients leads to the thickness of blood which causes high blood pressure. Jaundice on another side can only be treated by fresh clean water.

Drinking excessive water can help reduce the chance of constipation. It lets the stool to pass easily and cleanses the colon. Natural colon cleansing reduces abdominal bloating which directly helps in weight loss. To amplify the effect, do more exercise and one must eat more vegetables and fiber-rich food which helps in better digestion.

Unfortunately, despite having a sufficiency of water in Pakistan, many people face an acute shortage of drinking water in summers, especially in rural areas. The deficiency of water causes many diseases among the population of Pakistan. The need for water changes depending on the climate and extremely hot weather when the body needs more water. Failing to drink enough water to maintain a healthy lifestyle will cause a deficiency of water which is never good for the body because it leads to many dreadful diseases.

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