Illiteracy: One of Pakistan’s Biggest Problem


A country can become a developed nation if its people are educated because this is the most valuable asset of life. Literacy helps in the development and growth of the economy. Unfortunately, Pakistan is included in those countries where the illiteracy rate is very high. Only 59 percent of people are literate with less than 47 percent of women and more than 71 percent of men and according to some estimates, only 20-30 percent of them are highly educated.

A literate person means a person who can read and write, so 59 percent of literate people are at least able to read and write and have the basic knowledge to develop a thinking and learning process. As far as more qualified people are concerned, they are far less than half percent of the total literate people.

Poverty is the major issue behind the high illiteracy rate in Pakistan because Pakistan has no equal distribution of resources in all parts of the county. Many rural areas have no proper setup and system of education so that everyone can seek education. Lack of awareness is another big issue and people do not give much thought to providing basic education to their kids, especially girls who are left out of schools in many villages.

Uneducated people in a large percentage becomes a liability because the state cannot utilize them properly and there are not enough employment opportunities for them. They end up doing labor work all their life and remain impoverished.

The reason that people are uneducated also rise to the crime rate. Moreover, the crime ratio cannot be wholly blamed for uneducated people because the unemployment rate is also high in the country. An illiterate person does not have the mindset to understand the problems and needs of life. He remains unaware of the present condition of the world.

Immediate steps to counter this big problem of increasing the literacy rate will help not only in making people educated but it has many more benefits.  Education helps in making people aware of their own rights and teach them self-respect. It helps people in making the right choices. Even no woman can make a voice for her rights if she is illiterate.

An educated person can be a great politician but unfortunately, Pakistan has been ruled by many illiterate people and so the condition of the country is there for everybody to see. Education moves a person away from religious fanatism to informed decision making and personal empowerment in the local or global community.

The government needs to take immediate steps to educate people. Pakistan also needs new businesses so that many new vacancies are created for the unemployed people. Training schools must be established for the uneducated and the government must induct them into different skill learning fields and then employ them. Ending illiteracy and only educated masses can bring about the right change in the country and play their role in making Pakistan prosperous.

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