How Smoking Affects Heart Health

Smoking Affects Heart

The leading cause of heart diseases is cigarette smoking. Millions of people die in Pakistan due to heart diseases and heart attacks because smoking directly affects heart health.

The cause of the preventable diseases and deaths worldwide is cigarette smoking based on which, many organs of the body get affected, most importantly the heart. Smoking tobacco means consuming toxic chemicals because a single cigarette contains more than 7,000 chemicals. The delivery of rich blood to the heart also gets disturbed and the flow of fresh and rich blood to the heart is blocked.

Inhaling air from the atmosphere takes the oxygen by the lungs and this oxygen is delivered to the heart that provides oxygen rich blood to the heart and then the heart pumps blood into the whole body through blood vessels. Cigarette smoking makes the blood-contaminated due to the chemicals inhaled with smoke. These toxic chemicals damage the heart and blood vessels that cause many cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of death in most countries including Pakistan.

It causes atherosclerosis and also thickens the blood in the arteries. This thickness makes the blood passing through arteries hard and it causes clots in arteries and other blood vessels and in this way, it can become fatal for the heart. These blood clots attack the heart and cause stroke or ultimately death.

Smoking affects heart and is the direct cause of cardiovascular diseases and death. The good news is; you are safe if you do not smoke. The bad news is; you are at risk if you live around the people who smoke because second-hand smoking causes a 25-30 percent high risk of coronary heart disease. It also increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Moreover, secondhand smoking is highly harmful to premature babies who have respiratory distress syndrome and also for children who have asthma.

Avoiding smoking is beneficial for the heart. To reduce the risks of heart diseases or heart attack, reduce tobacco smoke and stay away from the areas where cigarette smoking is common. Ask family and friends to let go of the addiction and never smoke at home or any place where everyone stays together. Not even in the car. Quitting smoking is the only option to avoid putting a heart on risk.  Quitting smoking also reduces the risk of the occurrence of clots in arteries and blood vessels.

In almost every country, cigarette smoking is banned in all worksites, educational institutes or public places. Unfortunately, no rule is followed here and even students below the age of 18 smoke openly and in this way, heart diseases are increasing day by day.

If one is already a heart patient, one must quit smoking or it will quit your life. It causes sudden cardiac death or causes cancer. According to specialists, the first thing that a heart patient should do after the diagnose of heart problems is to immediately quit cigarette smoking because there is no other option than this.

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