Exercises are the most essential part of life that helps you stay active, passionate and, healthy. Health should be the foremost priority of life because a healthy body with a balanced diet will ensure that you maintain a healthy sense of physical and mental well-being. Almost every person is advised by the doctor to do some kind of home based exercises daily.

There are three main types of exercises have their own effect on the human body.

First, Flexibility exercises: like stretching strengthens the joints and muscles. Yoga is a prime example.

Second, aerobic or anaerobic exercises: They are the easiest but time-consuming like running, walking and focusing on the increase of cardiovascular endurance, weight training, etc.

Third, physical exercises: They include physical fitness, maintaining bones, building muscles and joints. Like different gym exercises that target a specific part of the body.

All the types of exercises are essential because they promote psychological well-being and strengthens the immune system. Here are a few exercises that are recommended by all fitness gurus and gym instructors.

Planks, pushups, and pull-ups:

In a basic plank exercise put hands slightly wider than the shoulders with the palms on the floor. Let your backside become straight and parallel with the ground, do not sag the lower back. Adjust the head and neck with your back. Bend the elbows gradually and try to bring the chest near or towards the floor. Get back to the initial position by lifting the chest back. Make it a routine and alongside do pushups at least 10 times a day.

Then comes pull-ups; stand under some bar, jump and hang from the bar with the palms on the bar and put hands slightly apart to shoulders width. High the chin so it reaches to the bar and let the posture straight. Do it five times, two sets and do this exercise two to three times a week.

Side planks modified:

Take a position on the right side. Lie on a mat on the right side with the legs lying over the right leg. Bend knees to the comfortable position. Support the body on the right arm and raise the upper body. Bend the left elbow to 90 degrees and now take direction directly under the shoulder. Adjust head with the spine by keeping hips and lower keen in contact with the exercise mat.

Now exhale, contract the abdominal gently or core the muscles for stiffening the spine and lift the hips off the mat. Keep in contact with the knee and adjust the head with the spine. In the lowering phase, gently inhale and gradually return to the starting position.

Its variation depends on the intensity. Intensity can be increased with time when in a raised position.

Simple walking:

Simple walking is another best exercise among daily exercises that everybody does. But to achieve the most with it do regular walking in the morning. Wake-up early in the morning after 7-8 hours of sleep and go for walk in the fresh air. Do not walk very slowly or normally rather walking faster than the normal speed. Do a little jogging if you can and let the body’s tissues boost up. This super routine will energize you to keep you active for the whole day.

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