First Government Changed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

government changed

Coronavirus destruction continuous globally. It disturbed the living style of every citizen. The government of every country is in jostling because of this situation. Everyone is facing this situation for the first time in their lives specifically in this century. Coronavirus caused the death of more than 38,000 people in the entire world. This virus is also the reason for the change of the first government.

According to the report, it is heard that the Kosovo’s government changed because of the failure to fight with this virus and that’s why most of the members in the parliament submitted the incitement of uncertainty and voted against Prime Minister Albin Kurti. This accusation caused Albin Kurti to left out his position in government.

Although associational parties getting against Prime Minister to take precautionary measures against the virus. Prime Minister Kurti joined this government two months before and the government can’t arrange voting again for this position and so they appointed someone else in a parliament.  

The government changed because there are 70 cases of Corona Virus that came out in Kosovo along with one death. A newspaper calculated the total number of deaths is 38 thousand and 720 hundred in the world because of this virus. As stated in the Newspaper of other countries the coronavirus caused most of the deaths in European countries where the death number has reached approximately 23 thousand and 810 hundred. In Italy 11 thousand and 592 hundred, in Spain 8,189, in USA 3,173 and China 3,305 people are died because of Corona Virus. 

Patients of Corona Virus generally die because of the failure of several organs and breathing difficulties. This virus directly attacks the cells in the track of the respiratory system which causes the partially damaging of the lungs because of what the virus does.

This virus takes an estimated 4 to 14 days to show up its symptoms. People can save themselves by using precautionary measures, social distance and by wearing masks and gloves and we need to stay away from the patients of COVID-19 if we want to live more life. 

As nobody knows that how and when coronavirus will end because still no country is able to make a medicine for this virus, but many of the coronavirus victims share their personal experiences that what type of precautions we need to use to save yourself.

This virus will cause many of the economic crises too in almost every country because of the lockdown; people are staying at home and unable to continue their work. The people on daily wages are suffering from every aspect. 

International organization WHO stated that we need to be more careful in order to fight with this Corona Virus and we need to be united to get rid of this situation. In the press conference of COVID-19 Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the precautions like hand wash, social distance, no traveling, using of mask and gloves and stay home to save people from this virus.

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