Factors affecting unemployment among medical students in Pakistan

Unemployment among medical students

Many students are getting a medical degree every year but still facing problems in getting a job as per their requirements. Even, the perception of people that the medical students will get a job early is just a nightmare. They have to wait for a long time to get a dream job. Furthermore, they have to go through the period of a one-year internship to target a moderate job. This article is going to highlight the factors that affect unemployment among medical students in Pakistan.

Over time, the strength of medical students is increasing day by day but alas! There are not enough institutes to train them.  As the training of the students will ensure the chance to get a job for them. So, students should have to grab the opportunity for medical training to target the desired job.

Furthermore, hospitals are facing tight budget so they are unable to expand the surgical instruments like a needle, holders, knives, blades, retractors, fiber optic headlights, etc. due to facing the economic issues. Hence, hospitals do not have enough resources to provide enough training to fresh graduates or medical students.

Other than the above, strong human interaction is important to handle the community of the hospital. Human resource management of the hospital is a big flaw to provide job opportunities to medical students. Inadequate infrastructure always leads to unemployment among medical students.

The government is not planning to build new hospitals and they do not allocate appropriate funds in the budget. The building of new hospitals plays a vital role in the employment of doctors. Surely, fresh doctors will be able to get jobs due to the availability of new hospitals. Also, the personal choice of medical students matters a lot. It matters where doctors want to get a job. Indeed, more hospitals directly lead to more choices for young doctors to bloom their careers.

Another factor can’t be neglected that the older doctors are not getting retired. Therefore, the vacancies for the new employees are so rare to get a job in the medical field.

Under the circumstances of the health care challenges, youngsters need training from a medical professional to brighten their future careers. But experienced staff in the hospital is not adequate for the younger doctors.

Young doctors have to participate in challenging medical activities to meet basic requirements to apply for the job. Even, they have to visit the medical practicing physicians frequently to polish their skills. Also, they have to learn new techniques in the medical field by visiting scientific researchers as it will polish their skills and ensure job targets. Also, fresh graduates try to focus to learn surgery techniques through the help of the surgeon.

Getting a job is not an easy process for medical students. They have to face various challenges as mentioned above. But with the passion and consistent effort by medical students opportunities will open for them to target their dream job at an appropriate time.

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