Expensive Dentistry Treatment in Pakistan

Dentistry Treatment

Undoubtedly, dentistry is most expensive among all medical fields and therefore it is also a lucrative career, where a specialist can earn very well. But why is it so? What makes dentistry treatment so expensive? Here are a few reasons for it.

Dentistry is a small industry in contrast to other medical industries and setup cost and running cost for a dental practice are very high. Dentistry procedures and treatments cannot be mass produced, therefore, every procedure in dentistry is highly customized to a particular patient.

It is a very highly regulated industry and every dental practice needs to have infection control standards like a mini-hospital. It also undergoes constant upgrades and improvement in technologies.

During the study, it is also very expensive because all the training and teachings cost a lot because of the materials, a lot of manpower and work hours.

These are the main reason due to which dentists are earning too much. Dentists have small clinics where they practice for a few days in a week but still, they have so many attendants. These people wait for too long for their teeth checkup. Within these few days, dentists fill their pockets with money.

Due to the advancements in dentistry, patients these days are able to access much more comfortable and successful dental treatments, for a higher cost, thanks to the dentists who embrace newer expensive and better technologies.

People in Pakistan are least concerned about eating or consuming food. People consume too many sweet products and eat the things that spoil their teeth and when they develop a toothache, they run to the dentist. Middle-aged people start noticing a decay in their teeth health due to their poor food choices.

There is no doubt that the equipment and apparatuses used dentistry treatments are highly expensive but patients are made to pay more than the expensive treatment. Moreover, many people consult dentists for artificial teeth. These artificial teeth require efforts and the material used in it is also expensive.

On the other hand, the concept of braces has been emerged throughout the world and in Pakistan too. People prefer braces to adjust and balance their uneven and unequal teeth. This procedure takes a long time. The braces are made with expensive material and to set these braces into the mouth requires a minimum of 80 thousand to 1 lac. This is the minimum amount that is charged for setting braces.

The expensive dentistry treatment has never been objected because the dentistry requires high expenses throughout the world. Charging 10 thousand for a simple root-canal is considered normal. Charging 7 thousand for the filling in the tooth is also normal. But problems come when people with low wages have to face these high expenses.

This highly expensive ultimately affects the poor because they do not have the financial resources to consult a specialist and therefore, they visit quack dentists who destroy their teeth and worse, they infect them with their unhygienic dentistry equipment. These quacks have opened their small clinics in open areas where they charge very less fee but cause even pricey damage.

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