Effects of Depression on Body and Mind

Effects of Depression

Depression is found in people of all ages these days in Pakistan. Many reasons can be behind it but the effects of depression on the human body and mind are unquestionably drastic.

Every other person nowadays is stress-induced and unfortunately, the issue is still not given much thought. Our own close friends and family members are going through the phases of depression and we still simply ignore the problem. We ignore the clear signs of mental stress and consider them some temporary signs and mood swings. But gradually the stress and anxiety take a person to the unchartered mental state from where the return is not possible.

A person living with some depression will show signs like mood swings, consistent feeling of sadness, guilt and regret, indecisiveness, bipolar attitude, uncontrollable tears, loss of appetite, uninterested in physical activities and will to isolate, insomnia, sleep deprivation, hesitant to change clothes or take bath and continuous suicidal thoughts.

Starting from stress and leading to depression there are many physical and mental changes in a person. Depressed people change their appetite unconsciously. Either they start eating too much or they avoid eating. It results in weight loss or weight gain. According to research, most depressed people start eating too much food and gain weight which ultimately develops high blood pressure or diabetes type 2. Some people lose their appetite and do not anything for the whole day. They may become too weak which may lead to stomach problems like cramps, constipation, stomachaches or malnutrition.

Chronic pain is the severe stage of depression when a person starts feeling pain in joints and muscles or consistent headaches or breast tenderness. These unexplained pains must be taken very seriously and the person must consult a doctor immediately.

A depressed person develops a negative mindset and it may lead to paranoia. The person constantly thinks that people around are trying to harm him. He will always remain in deep thoughts and stress. Ultimately it results in diabetes and diabetes results in heart disease. Therefore, depression can even lead to a heart attack. One out of the five most common reasons for heart failure or coronary disease is suffering from depression.

People with depression are either sleep deprived or they sleep for too long. A sleep-deprived person tends to develop insomnia. They always feel exhausted and even they do not sleep at night, still, they do nothing but think of negative thoughts. They start taking sleeping pills which have their own side effects.

Moreover, if someone is suffering from chronic illness and develops depression, then there is a chance that the disease can get severe.

Other effects of chronic depression are the contraction of diseases like blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, kidneys, and heart problems. Apart from mental deteriorations and internal diseases, depression also affects a person physically; the color of skin gets pale, eyes get dark circles, wrinkles start appearing, hair starts snubbing, skin becomes brittle and the weight loss leads to weakness and pale appearance.

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