Difference Between Public and Private Hospitals

Public and Private Hospitals

Public hospitals in Pakistan are in bad condition while private hospitals serve better health services but are too expensive. Besides that, there exists many other differences between both.

Public hospitals mostly are not equipped with basic healthcare facilities and they are poorly managed and provide poor treatment to the patients. These hospitals are preferred mostly by the poor because they cannot afford private hospitals due to their expensive treatments. Private hospitals, on the other hand, facilitate their patients with full resources according to their needs. They are equipped with all the required machinery and they have specialist doctors to give proper treatment.

Patients of public hospitals suffer in many ways like; the hospitals lack specialist doctors and the patients may end up getting treated by an inexperienced doctor. Moreover, they wait for too long in a waiting line for their turn. Sometimes many of them return home without their check-up. Then comes the problem of medicines, public hospitals are regarded for their provision of free medicines to poor patients. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere and due to corruption and mismanagement, they lack even basic medicine.

Many times, doctors in public hospitals ask their patients to continue the treatment from their own private clinics. There they prescribe private tests and expensive medicines for their commissions from private laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

Whereas, private hospitals are famous for their highly expensive treatment. Only the rich can afford them. Highly qualified and specialist doctors are seated there. These highly qualified doctors are paid high wages. They have highly qualified specialists who studied in foreign countries. Patients of these hospitals find no need to wait in lines and they do not suffer from any extreme weather conditions. Hospitals have uninterrupted electricity and are equipped with air conditioners and heaters. Moreover, the hygienic environment of the hospital is exemplary.

Another issue with government hospitals is their unhygienic environment. The pungent smell of medicine is everywhere and insects are found crawling on each wall. Load shedding is common. More than 1 patient is found lying on the same bed. The same syringe is used many times and all these issues lead to the spread of many more diseases.

Although government hospitals provide treatments at very low rates, these hospitals are in drastically bad conditions. Whereas, private hospitals have an ideal and completely clean environment with all the facilities provided.

Though private hospitals facilitate patients in all ways, their charges are too high that even the middle-class person cannot afford to have a simple check-up from here. This is a sad state of affairs of a country that is primarily a poor country. The common men are the ones who suffer. When they get to a public hospital to get treated the mismanagement and deplorable conditions make them even more ill and when they go to a private hospital, they get better but they cannot afford the treatment. Sadly, the common man is not seeing it in terms of the difference between public and private hospitals. He is dying of ill-treatment and the rich man is enjoying all the facilities.

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