COVID-19 Spreading Through People’s Ignorance


In most of the countries which are badly affected by COVID-19, the lockdown has been imposed. A few countries like Germany and Italy curfew has been imposed.

In India, the curfew-like situation is there. While in Pakistan, lockdown is likely to be imposed all over the country. The question arises, why the government comes ahead to restricting the people at home. Why the people themselves understand the severity of the situation.

More than 64,055 people have been died all over the world due to coronavirus and over millions are suffering from COVID-19. Then what is the factor that is still stopping the people to feel the danger? This is nothing but illiteracy.

This famous saying that cure is better than the treatment and this is the disease the treatment of which has not been discovered so far. Therefore, the only treatment left is a cure and the only cure is “remaining at home”.

In the broader term, if we want to divide the population of the world we can divide into clear segments; Literate people and illiterate people. A most acceptable definition of literate people is “literate people are those people who are beneficial for the rest and illiterates are those who disturb the rest”.

Edison, Steffensen, Marconi, etc were the literate people, the fruits of whose benefits are still being enjoyed by the creature of God. Madam Teresa, Abdul Satar Eidhi are those literate people who benefited the human being to the greatest extent.

Literate people are not who got overqualified from some educational institutions. Literacy is actually the difference of thoughts, the heart of being decent,  beneficial and merciful to the rest of the creature.

This spirit seems to be absent from the present world culture. Whether it is west or east. In the position of the lockdown, curfew or curfew-like situation is the proof that people do not understand the benefits of confining themselves to the home to avoid the spread of COVID-19 this is in fact illiteracy.

A most important gift to the human being is health and people from Pakistan are still playing foul here. Why the present government of PTI in center and government of PPP are bound to impose lockdown?

Before imposing this law through electronic and paper media, people were asked to refrain themselves to come out of the homes to avoid the spread of coronavirus which is lethal to the health. But, people did not pay heed to the voices of the provisional or federal government.

Today, when lockdown to its full spirit has been imposed yet the people still are found mustering and riding on the roads. As a result, the spread of this coronavirus seems difficult to be controlled.

It seems pertinent now that the opinion leaders like famous professors, journalists, actors, artists, and social workers should play their role through social and electronic media, by their writings and audio and video messaging. People should be asked to restrict themselves to home otherwise this danger could limitless.

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