Coronavirus and the Power of Isolation

isolation ward with other doctors

The whole world is highly scared of pandemic Coronavirus in 2020 that has locked people in homes and the whole system of the world has stopped. Millions of people have attacked by this virus and many have died but still not vaccine has invented to cure it. There has no cure invented yet to cure this disease.

Great scientists are seemed to be knocking under this deadly disease. At the start of this disease in 2019, it was suggested to wash hands after every hour and avoid touching the nose, eyes, and mouth. Now, it has spread to the extent that each government has locked down their countries and no meeting is allowed.

Total Cases & Deaths:

Till now 2,428,354 cases have been diagnosed and 166,130 people have died. Most of them are those people who did not follow the instruction of the government to avoid rush places. That is why social distancing is the mandatory part these days.

Everyone in the world is fearful and they are ready to avoid those all things that are said to be dangerous. People have started spending their time at home more than outside. Most of the people are cooperating with the government, but some people are still considering it as fun.

Countries like Russia, Italy, Pakistan are highly alert not to let people out of their homes aimlessly that security consistently is checking on the roads and streets. Unfortunately, some extremists have not in Pakistan taken it seriously and they have only one sentence to have an excuse “Allah will take care”. The government of Pakistan has locked down along with all the mosques so that people do not assemble at a single place but these extremists do not understand and insist on going to the mosques.

Pakistan Cases & Deaths:

Literate people understand easily than illiterate people, and Pakistan is an illiterate country with only 59 percent of the literate population. Till now 8,418 cases have diagnosed and 176 have died in the country. This is the time to understand and compromise with the present condition.

Moreover, coronavirus can be anywhere around you because of an infected person when coughs, its germs spread rapidly and the healthy person even far from that patient, has chances to develop this virus. This is why staying at home is the best way to avoid being infected by this pandemic disease.

Coronavirus patients are isolated in hospitals. Each patient is being given extra care, but every one of them is in isolation. People are being observed to be not getting into the hands of doctors with the fear of getting isolated and away from the whole family but this act can transfer this virus into other people which is highly harmful.

Now is the need to make people aware of isolation. If the practice of isolation in homes is practiced fully now, then the chances of transferring the virus will be less and the whole world will be healthy soon.

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