Challenges Faced by Pakistani Healthcare System

Pakistani Healthcare System

History of the world tells us that only those nations prosper which provides the basic necessities to their people. Basic necessities include food, health, education, and shelter, etc. The provision of these necessities is a must to each and each citizen of the country to fully incorporate them for nation building. If the people are deprived of the basic needs then there will be issues like food security, stunted growth, disease infected people, illiteracy and homeless people. These issues are never good for the future of the country. Unfortunately, in Pakistan all the issues are present and the progress in taking care of the issues is rather slow. If one has to pick an issue to start fixing things, healthcare comes on top because if the Pakistani healthcare system is properly functioning, then the health of the masses will be insured and people will strive to uplift themselves from other issues like poverty and food security on their own.

The health condition of the country should be properly analyzed and new hospitals must be built in even remotely far off areas so that nobody is excluded from the provision of healthcare services. Since the establishment of Pakistan, only a few hospitals in public sectors were inaugurated and unfortunately, we hardy find addition to that number. Adding insult to injury, the conditions of these government hospitals are worsening day by day. Following are some of the reasons for this tragic drama:

Doctors, employed in the government hospitals have their own interests. They do the practice in the evening in their own private hospitals/clinics. Therefore, they do not treat the patients in a way they are supposed to.

The patient themselves prefer to go to the private hospitals and clinics as they are of the view that proper treatment with the facilities of MRI etc. are not easily available in the government healthcare departments.

Bureaucracy is another factor which is a great hindrance to the opening of new hospitals and laboratories in Pakistan. Corruption has perforated in Pakistan’s society to every level.

Due to lack of resources, lack of specialist doctors and lack of hospitals, the already established hospitals are choked up with the densely populated cities and villages. Therefore, in crowded hospitals, people will amiss their proper treatment.

Laboratories are also a big source of income. Laboratories are being opened at every corner of the towns and cities, providing substandard results with an unnecessary delay of the tests at the expense of exorbitant bills. In this filthy game is against human lives.

From the above, a few reasons have mentioned about the deteriorating conditions of public sectors’ healthcare units. Even though governments at the provincial and federal levels have big funds in budgets for opening new hospitals every year but what is happening, is open to everyone. It is suggested that in parliamentary committee must be formulated immediately to investigate the following:

Why the conditions of public sector hospitals and laboratories are aggravating. Despite the availability of funds, new hospitals and laboratories are not being opened in Pakistan. Who is responsible for this delay in the Pakistani healthcare system, the result of which is the increasing number of deaths?

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