What is Meant by Subdivision of Land? and its Benefits

Subdivision of Land

Land subdivision is the process of splitting a piece of land or an area of land into two or more sections. It usually occurs when a developer purchases a larger piece of land and modifies it for future use. The developers subdivide the larger piece of property so that it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. 

In the same way, housing societies and commercial areas are separated into various sizes and shapes. Similarly, we occasionally come across larger plots and occasionally smaller plots. The developers keep in mind what buyers are seeking for when creating their projects. As a result, they subdivide the land according to the buyer’s preferences and requirements. 

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In Pakistan, subdivision of land is common and most lands are subdivided into 3-5-7-10 Marlas and 1-2 Kanal or more by developers. Having said that, keeping the sizes in that range has become fashionable. 

How to Subdivide Land? 

You must first approach the local planning and zoning authority in order to partition the land. When you contact us, we will inform you of the land’s zoning, whether it is commercial or residential. You can request to amend the zoning nature if you have any zoning difficulties. 

You should also consult a town planner and a property lawyer to determine the charges if they exceed. Similarly, you should contact a surveying service to have the land surveyed to see if it is dividable. 

Do You Pay Tax on Subdivided Land? 

When you partition land for the purpose of selling a plot, you must pay tax on the profit margin. As a result, any profit you make is taxable. The tax ratio on a larger parcel of land differs from that on a subdivided parcel. 

Is Subdivision of Land Profitable? 

Yes, when you acquire a larger piece of land, the dealer will give you a discount. When you develop that land to sell it, on the other hand, you develop it to profit. 

You also build some services and amenities that a buyer seeks for during the development. When the facilities are installed to the land, it can be subdivided into smaller parcels. When you sell these plots, you will receive a supplementary profit. 

Can You Subdivide Land That Has a Mortgage? 

There are several standards and regulations that apply to mortgaged property. That is why you must study the mortgage contract carefully in order to comprehend its significance. You also can’t divide the mortgaged land without the lender’s permission if it’s stated in the terms and conditions. 


Finally, we can state that subdividing land can help you earn a lot of money. When compared to a larger lot, subdivided land is more profitable. To avoid any future problems, you should contact a local planning and property lawyer. 

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