Shortage of Ventilators in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

shortage of ventilators

Corona virus cases have crossed 700 whereas Punjab has more than 160 confirmed cases. There is an extreme shortage of ventilators in Rawalpindi and Islamabad for patients. It is feared that this pandemic disease is going to take more lives.

Pakistan is an undeveloped country and has no system in place to deal with such critical conditions. The number of coronavirus cases is increasing each passing day. Islamabad and Rawalpindi in Punjab province have the most well-reputed and highly maintained hospitals.

Official Stats of Ventilators in Hospitals

Still, these hospitals have no system to handle such conditions and corona virus patients. According to an authentic report, Shifa International Hospital, Maaforoof Hospital, Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, Bahria Hospital and other ten hospitals in Rawalpindi are running out of ventilators.

According to official figures, these hospitals have only 20 ventilators in working condition. If we add the count of ventilators in CMH, MH and POF Hospital, the count of ventilators hardly reaches 46.

Pakistan has requested Germany for ventilators but got refused. The reason being the limitation of production capacity. Germans have said that they can provide 12-15 ventilators for free but it would take at least one month to provide the requested 500 ventilators. Unless these arrive, shortage of ventilators will remain.

This is the most critical condition when the whole of Pakistan needs to be united instead of politicizing the issue. The country’s economy is already extremely affected. The government has directed lock down of public places, restaurants, parks, playgrounds, cinemas, and public offices. Schools, colleges and universities are already closed for a week.

Crackdown against Mask and Sanitiser Hoarders

Government has taken strong action against the shortage of masks, gloves, and sanitisers against people who are hoarding them and are selling them at high prices. The government has distributed these masks for free to the public. The government has ordered an import of these items worth Rs.22 crores and has decided to give it for free especially to those coming to hospitals.

The most painful thing observed is that poor people are the most suffered because they have no resources for prevention. Street vendors are still seen lying by roadside and footways without masks, sanitizers, and gloves.

Moreover, there are reports that some hospitals like CMH are closed to admit coronavirus affected patients for the safety of already admitted patients in the hospital. It is feared that these patients may get affected by incoming corona affected patients.

On the other hand, Marriott, PC, and other well-reputed hotels have been ordered shut down. It is decided that these patients would be shifted here is isolation. But, the problem remains the same. Ventilators are still running out of need. People are suffering and are in extremely critical condition, whereas government needs to manage shortage of ventilators immediately.

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