Increasing Number of Psychiatric Patients in Pakistan

Psychiatric Patients

Pakistan is the country that is suffering from big social, economic and political disorders since its inception. Unfortunately, the masses were kept away from their basic requirements and the rules remained in the hands of the elite class of the country. The basic rights of the people were never given to them. Deprived of basic needs and having many other life problems causes depression in the masses and rises the number of psychiatric patients in the country.

Unemployment and under-employment are important issues here and those who are with jobs, are given the salaries lower than what they deserve and there is no struggle in the country to reform this issue which is damaging people’s livelihood. At the international level, due to the sacrifices of the laborer’s movement in Chicago, the working hours were fixed at eight hours per day. Now some factories are violating this rule and workers are compulsorily asked to work beyond this fixed period in the name of overtime wages. An obvious example is the working hours of security guards whose working hours are twelve hours per day.

Any employee can be fired at any moment without giving him the notice so the fear of getting out of job also prevails in the minds of employed people. The unemployed youth is, therefore, living in insecurity despite having degrees from good academic institutions. They end up opting for odd jobs with less pay and no interest.

Illiteracy is a big issue due to which generations after generation people remain impoverished and they fail to improve their living standards. They remain hopeless and develop many psychiatric issues.

Mobile phones are one of the most important factors which are creating isolation in society and ultimately the anxiety. Social media is a place without ethical or legal limits and a lot of news is spread without facts and the wide-spread misinformation is making people upset.

After the long working hours, people come from the workplace and indulge in watching television which contains shows that are full of tension and mental draining drama.

The habit of morning and evening walks is diminishing from the lives which is always a great stress reliever. Walks are a great source of mental peace. Playgrounds are also diminishing from and as such games are getting away from the people.

Our joint family system is a very important reason which is disturbing the families mentally. After coming from the workplace, a man if finds no peace at home starts complaining about the rest of the family members, wife and children on an almost daily basis, he becomes mentally disturbed. Not only the head of the family, rather the whole family is mentally tense. 

The above are just a few reasons for the increasing psychiatric issues in Pakistan. There are many other social, economic, and environmental factors due to which, the people of Pakistan are passing tense lives and psychiatric issues are increasing day by day. More psychics and psychotherapists are required to deal with more psychiatric patients for their therapies.

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