Disease curing foods for diabetes and hypertension

disease curing foods

Your daily food should contain disease curing food as it can cure diseases whether that is high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer or any other. It is said to use simple food and get a cure soon. Here we discuss some common disease curing foods.

Diabetes is quite common these days that even youngsters are suffering from it. People start taking medicines in high doses and become addicted to such medicines. But it does not cure their diabetes rather just make them calm temporarily.

Eggs can cure diabetes. It is observed that people who eat eggs daily do not find any need to take medicines to maintain blood sugar levels. Their blood sugar fastens by eating an egg. Egg contains seven grams of high-quality proteins.

Hypertension is prevalent these days. Nowadays when a person reaches the age of 30 get high blood pressure and it sticks like a disease that ultimately leads you to diabetes. A simple rule to avoid blood pressure is “not to get stressed”. We are living in a busy world and in this fast world, we get tensed for small things.

Doctors recommend bananas, spinach, garlic, and pistachios as the best foods to avoid high blood pressure. These foods are easily available in the market and less in cost.

Jaundice occurs when the liver stops working properly. Jaundice is caused when refined carbohydrates are taken over a long period. Newborn children also get jaundice but it is not highly dangerous. If some special food specifically to cure it is not taken then it takes the form of Hepatitis B or in worst case Hepatitis C.

That is why it is necessary to take vegetables like tomato, ginger, garlic, olives, pumpkin, and grapes. Take ample water so it can flush out toxins from the body.

Skin disease can cause due to many incautiousness. It can become worse if you do not start taking food that is beneficial and important to get rid of skin disease. Fish, yogurt, lemons, spinach, avocados, potatoes, and tomatoes are best to have perfect skin.

The kidney is the most fundamental part of our body that helps in filtering blood to send back to the heart and it also helps to pass the waste from the body. Failing of a kidney can be as harmful as a heart attack. The major disease that occurs in kidneys is the stone. This disease is common these days. Stone stuck in ureters or urethra and it forms difficulty in passing urine outside of the body.

To get rid of such a disease you should drink water as much as you can and eat disease curing foods like juicy fruits like oranges and lemon. Eat sweet potatoes, spinach or chocolate. It would be more helpful if you take plant-based foods.

Asthma is another major disease. Children are mostly the victim of this disease. It has no special treatment but can be reduced and avoided by taking special food. This special food contains; eggs, salmon fish, milk, sweet potatoes, broccoli, bananas, and spinach. This food is easily available in the market with low prices and keeps the doctor away.

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