Coronavirus Pandemic; The Disturbance in Studies

coronavirus pandemic

The present coronavirus pandemic has affected all the sectors of life over the world. Industries have been closed, roads have been banned for public transportation, rails and aircraft have also been banned.

Present condition:

200 countries are suffering from coronavirus and majority of them have opted the lockdown in their countries. Around 1,462,683 people are suffering from the coronavirus and more than 84,674 people have died due to this pandemic disease. In Pakistan, the total number of sufferers is 4,196 and 60 people have died. The situation is alarming.

3 million people loses their job in USA. In Pakistan, the situation is ambiguous. The most badly affected citizens of Pakistan are those who are daily wage workers. This is only one side of the present tragedy.

There is another remarkable and important side of the picture which cannot be ignored and that is the educational sector. All levels of educational institutions have also been closed and according to the recent reports, the government has announced to start the system of online education.

Online Education System:

The online education system is always adopted in compulsion. In Pakistan, two universities are famous for providing online education. One is Allama Iqbal open university and the other is the virtual university. No doubt the syllabus and curriculum of these universities are second to none. But, the importance of the environment of the classroom and face to face questioning and answering cannot be denied.

The step, taken by the government online education to the students in these problematic days is highly appreciable but there are certain issues that may come across.

  1. The availability of the internet of all the parts of the country is not there.
  2. The smooth provision of the internet is also absent as in thickly populated territories, more use of the internet sometimes creates issues.
  3. The majority of the students come from poor and middle-class families and as such the affordability of laptops or computers is a problem.
  4. This s also fact that computer literacy, especially in the students who are getting the arts education like literature, etc, is less, therefore, getting online education is a problem from such students.
  5. It is learned that all the students up to class 7th have been promoted to the next class without being tested. It means this thing can create another problem.

Although, governments along with opposition parties are doing good efforts to fight with the coronavirus pandemic. It is required that all the ministries should actively take part in the efforts of the government accordingly. It is also needed that the system of online education may be made simpler and hours of the online education system may also be increased.

Moreover, along with teaching, tests\ examination should also be part of this recent online system and the marks secured by those tests\examination should take part in the annual result so that students should take this system seriously.

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