Jazz SMS Packages for Day Week and Month

Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

Jazz SMS Packages brings another amazing offer for its clients which permits you to enjoy the two of every one bundle of messaging and interfacing with the world simultaneously with ‘Jazz Daily WhatsApp and SMS pack’ offering 1800 SMS in addition to 10 MBs for WhatsApp for the entire day. To buy in this offer dial *334# and to check the status dial *334*2#.

With the rapidly evolving cosmos of connectivity, everybody wants to keep in contact with their friends and family around the world. By knowing the requirements of its clients Jazz brings exciting SMS packages in reasonable costs.

On the off chance that you love messaging with your loved ones, at that point don’t think a lot and benefit from the best Jazz day by day SMS groups. In Jazz day by day SMS offers, the best and the most low-valued bundle is ‘Jazz Daily SMS Plus Package’ with which you can enjoy 150 SMS for an entire day; to buy in this offer dial *106*1# to check the group status dial *106*4#.

Jazz Daily SMS bundle’ gets another amazing offer which clients can appreciate 1200 SMS with the validity of 24 hours. To buy in this offer dial *101*1*01# and to check the rest of the SMS dial *101*#*01#.

So have a look at the table below mentioned table to enjoy attractive Jazz SMS Packages.

To view Jazz SMS Packages on Jazz site, please visit Jazz site

Jazz Daily SMS Package----1200--1 DayRs.4.77Dial *101*1*01#
Jazz Daily SMS Plus Package----150--1 DayRs.2.38Dial *106*1#
Jazz Super F&F Package100000--100000--1 DayRs.10*141#
Jazz Day Bundle10000--150201 DayRs.10Dial *340#
Apna Shehar Package (Selected Cities)100000--15001001 DayRs.10Dial *229#
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only)100000--15001001 DayRs.10Dial *400#

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

The reactivation of Jazz SIM is extraordinary blessing in itself. On reactivation of SIM, Jazz invite its clients with most encouraging offers as various bundles. In ‘Jazz SIM Lagao offer’ on the off chance that you haven’t reactivated your SIM, at that point its the ideal chance to do as such. Jazz offers 1000 SMS and MBs for internet with the legitimacy of 7 days (this offer is temporarily). What are you sitting tight for? Reactivate your SIMS and profit this brilliant offer.

In ‘Jazz 4G SIM offer’, you can get an astonishing SMS heap of 4000 SMS alongside 4 GB information and 400 Jazz/Warid On-Net minutes; to buy in this astounding offer dial *443*30# and appreciate the trio of SMS + Internet + On-Net minutes in a moderate cost. In the event that you are a prepaid supporter and have no clue about your SIM at that point dial *443*7# and check whether you are qualified for the 4G SIM bundle or not.

Being the biggest cell phone network of Pakistan, Jazz is the main network which discusses sharing and mindful. With the exciting week after week SMS packages in low rates, clients would now be able to enjoy ‘Week by week All Network Package’ in just Rs 120. The bundle welcomes 1000 On-Net minutes, 1000 SMS, 50 Off-Net minutes and 300 MBs. Develop your links with Jazz since Jazz cares.

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Bundle----1500257 DaysRs.18Dial *101*1*07#
Jazz Weekly SMS Package----1500257 DaysRs15Dial *101*1*07#
Jazz 4G Sim Offer400--400040007 DaysRs.0*443*30#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only)700507002507 DaysRs.84Dial *747#
Jazz Haftawar Offer1000--10001007 DaysRs.85Dial *407#
Jazz New SIM Offer1500--150015007 DaysRs.99Dial *989#
Jazz Weekly Hybrid10002010005007 DaysRs.115Dial *407#
Jazz Weekly All Network Package100050100010007 DaysRs.160Dial *700#
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer150050150030007 DaysRs.199Dial *770#

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Jazz keeps up and offers the best bundles ever to its clients. Being one of the first rate networks of Pakistan, Jazz carries astonishing groups with an assortment of blends for its clients. In Jazz month to month SMS bundles, the clients would now be able to appreciate various groups. The SMS packs are not constrained to SMS no one but; you can appreciate the ‘Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle’ by profiting 5000 SMS and 5000 MBs in just Rs 60 with the legitimacy of 30 days. To buy in this astounding offer, dial *101*1*02# and to check the status string dial *101*2*02# (its a constrained time offer). The bundle will be charged 2.14% higher in the locales of Federal Territory, FATA, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan.

‘Jazz Super Duper Card’ is one more uplifting news for its clients. Benefit the offer and appreciate 2000 month to month On-Net minutes, 150 Off-Net minutes, 2000 SMS and 2000 MBs of versatile internet with the legitimacy of 30 days. The offer can without much of a stretch be profited by dialing *601#; the clients can buy in this bundle for precisely 30 days and the offer will terminate on the 12 PM of the 30th. To check the status, dial *601*2#; it’s a constrained time offer and can be changed or restored whenever.

Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle----12000500030 DaysRs.70 *101*1*02#
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer3000--3000150030 DaysRs.0.06Dial *551#
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle----12000500030 DaysRs.70Dial *101*1*02#
Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package (Selected Cities Only)1000100100010030 DaysRs.299Dial *3500#
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle100005010010030 DaysRs.444Dial *430#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper30001503000300030 DaysRs.577Dial *706#
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package--2001500500030 DaysRs.596Dial *2000#
Jazz Super Duper Card20001502000200030 DaysRs.600Dial *601#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer500030050001000030 DaysRs.977Dial *707#

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