PIMS restarted biometric attendance from today

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The suspended biometric attendance in wake of Covid-19 has been restarted by Pims for its employees from today.

The biometric attendance system was adjourned by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad in the very first week of March due to coronavirus outbreak. Employees showed their concern regarding biometric attendance that could become the reason behind the spread of COVID-19 and now administration and management of the hospital has brought everything to normal and so biometric attendance has restarted.

On 4th August, the whole staff, all doctors, house job officers, postgraduates, paramedics, nurses, and everyone in the staff was asked to mark their attendance via the biometric attendance machine from 5th August onwards.

The circular, signed by Deputy Executive Director Dr. M. Iqbal Khan Durrani, states that non-compliance would not be acceptable and the employees will be marked as absent. It also stated that salaries of whole staff of Pims will be prepared according to biometric attendance in the future.

Moreover, the outpatient departments OPD of the hospitals were also closed and so senior doctors stated, “because of the suspension of biometric attendance a large number of employees had stopped coming to the hospital and were getting salaries without doing any work.”

“The management wants them to come to the hospital just to mark their attendance as they don’t have anything to do unless OPDs are reopened. Moreover, the decision will put the employees at risk as they will not only mark attendance on machines but will also have to travel to the hospital and back unnecessarily during which they could be infected,” he said.

However, in the end, he said, we have tried out best to control the spread of virus and virus has stopped spreading to a large extent, this is why we should now not allow it to spread again by our blunders.

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