Pakistanis urged to buy sacrificial animals online to prevent COVID-19 surge

sacrificial animals online

Pakistanis are highly encouraged by the federal government announcement to buy sacrificial animals online for the upcoming Eidul Azha. 

The authorities also advised to take all precautionary measures like social distancing and to wear face masks while visiting cattle markets as Eid Festival could again cause a surge in coronavirus cases in the country. 

The imposition of the social distancing and restrictions by the government has led to a drop in costumers to the once bustling cattle markets. In the biggest city of the country Karachi, Sohrab Goth Maweshi Mandi – claimed as Asia’s largest cattle market had far less crowd on Sunday as compared to previous years when only 5-6 days are left before the festival.

One of the animal traders who came to the city after traveling for hundreds of miles to sell his cattle stock said that his customers have halved this year.

Moreover, everyone had to follow SOPs, and wearing masks were mandatory but very few had been observed to be following precautions. Another trader said, “I don’t understand this coronavirus. I have not seen anyone dying of it look around you: No one is wearing a mask.”

Online platforms and charities for sacrificial animals experience surge in Pakistan

Markets providing online buying and charities giving shared sacrificial services have existed in Pakistan for years but this year it is becoming the new normal. The pandemic situation, precautions, fear and new restrictions have increased their popularity by manifold this year.

New startups have emerged providing both home delivery of sacrificial animals or just the share of meat on Eid day. Several charities have started giving offers of affordable shared sacrificial facilities for middle income amid rising inflation. Now people have started paying charities to slaughter cattle on their behalf as market visitors have halved from the previous years.

The welfare organizations and charities give different offers, they buy animals and engage the butchers. After the sacrifice, they distribute meat to each shareholder as per agreed weight.

Pakistan’s two largest charities Al-Khidmat Foundation and the Edhi Foundation, have booked thousands of such orders.

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