Organic fertilizer formula to raise yield by 40 percent

Organic fertilizer raise yield

The agriculture experts of Pakistan have planned to prepare the fruit gardens on the organic liquid fertilizer formula to raise their yield.

Those who acquire the land, less than a kanal will be helped to prepare the model forms in which 35% to 40% excessive chemical-free product will be achieved from the organic liquid that will be greatly helpful for every kind of cultivation.

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Managing Director of a private company, working on organic agriculture, Dr. Mubasshar Bhatti said that around 500,000 people will be trained in the application of organic fertilizer so as to raise the yield of fruits. The job will be done in collaboration with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

He further said that his company acquired the land along with River Sutlej in Kasur District whose yield was extremely low. The company prepared the land with the application of organic fertilizer and now orchards of guava, lemon, and other fruits were at full blossom after four years of labor.

Chairman of the company, Syed Babar Shah said that the use of organic fertilizer in the world is increasing day by day. He added that by using the organic liquid formula, the rice yield increased by 30% to 40%. By applying this formula to different products, there will not only be a rise in the quantity of that product but will also lower the cost and the water requirement also reduces.

He briefed regarding the cultivation of the land, we watered the field with very little water and after that, when the soil was softened, the field was plowed six inches deep. Then the organic liquid was applied in the field and after that seeds are sown in the semi-dry soil that was later watered.

Agriculture experts are of the view that rice crop grown with this formula is protected from diseases and the size of rice is longer than the normal rice and it also more fragrant.

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